Chrissy Amphlett of Divinyls

Chrissy's Legacy

Chrissy Amphlett was a prominent Australian artist who changed the face of the entertainment world. With her force of character and vocal strength, Chrissy paved the way for strong, sexy, outspoken women. Best remembered as the lead singer of ARIA Hall of Fame inductee, Divinyls, she was named one of Australia’s top ten singers of all time.

With Divinyls, Chrissy fused street level energy with an awe-inspiring vocal presence that brought a new level of lyrical honesty to contemporary music. She defined a generation with her raw talent, fearless sexuality, and unfaltering energy, and changed the Australian music scene with her ground-breaking performances.

'I Touch Myself' was Divinyls' biggest hit and touched millions of fans around the globe. Released in December 1991, the single was No. 1 on the charts at home and reached the Top 5 in the US. It is a song that celebrates female sexuality like no other. Like Chrissy, it is bold, brave, and brassy. It rocked our world.

Chrissy fought dual battles with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis and passed on 21 (22nd in Australia) April 2013. When she was stricken with breast cancer, Chrissy became passionate about spreading awareness of the importance of early detection and wanted the global hit song ‘I Touch Myself’ to be adapted as an anthem for breast health around the world.

Charley's Message

What can I say about Chrissy?

Chrissy was courageous, gifted, and embodied an amazing sense of humour and sense of self that left everyone in awe. During some of the toughest moments, she reminded me that we must live and laugh.

Chrissy voiced it clearly – she wished for all women to be mindful of themselves when they heard the tune; to be good to themselves, inside and out.

Listen to your instincts and feel what may be going on inside you.

Check your schedule.
Make a play date.
And don’t forget to touch yourself.